Moviehole caught up with filmmaker Dante Tomaselli and asked him about rumours that Lindsay Lohan could be up for a role in his new film, The Ocean:

Tomaselli says, "In a nutshell, it looks like I will be shooting The Ocean in late February, March with a wonderful production company, which I will announce when all is signed, and they sent me a contract to make the movie. Danny Lopes is definitely in contact with Lindsay Lohan about signing her on for a co-starring role in the film. I won't know the outcome for a while but it's a possibility. Needless to say, I'd be honored to work with such a spectacularly gifted actress. There's no denying she explodes off the screen.

"In The Ocean, Lindsay would play a bikini-clad, pot-smoking surfer girl with heavy family issues. What's the film about? It's a movie about killer waves and the cleansing of the earth's sins...It's about the end of the world...God's wrath...the ocean itself revolting. There's a deadly Ebola-like virus spreading along a coastal community. The Ocean is an apocalyptic horror film with the story of a shattered family in deep psychic pain at the core."

The movie is a tale of creeping terror that centers on Cathy (Margot Kidder), a psychic who travels to Puerto Rico to be with her estranged family after the drowning deaths of her daughter's husband and son. Upon arriving, Cathy begins receiving frightening premonitions as the ocean continues to claim more victims. Judith O' Dea ("Night of the Living Dead") will play a scuba diver who, along with Cathy, ultimately discovers that a watery apocalypse may soon be at hand.