Marvel's Daredevil debuted at 2am Thursday night on the West Coast, and fans have been hungrily scarfing down all 13 episodes ever since. It is the first of four planned Marvel series coming to Netflix over the next couple of years. And while Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones and Marvel's Luke Cage will arrive first, a number of easter eggs have been discovered that clearly indicate Marvel's Iron Fist is on his way. Comic Book Movie was the first to report on these, and if you want to find them for yourself, this is what you should be looking for!

Marvel's Daredevil includes 4 major organized crime syndicates operating out of New York. They include the yakuza, the triad, the Russians and the gang led by Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin. The first season of Marvel's Daredevil leaves the door open to explore the yakuza and triad elements in future episodes of Marvel's Iron Fist, which may delve into their more mystical roots, as opposed to the straight forward crime elements associated with Kingpin and the Russians.

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These mystical elements are most firmly introduced in Daredevil Episode 7 which is titled Stick. In the Marvel Comics, Stick, played by Scott Glenn, is a member of The Chaste, which is an offshoot of the Hand. The Chaste and The Hand split occurred in feudal era Japan, when the Hand moves away from samurai philosophy to grow into a large Ninja cult. The Chaste stays with the samurai code, and as revealed in this episode, Stick hints that The Chaste possess supernatural abilities. He is about to teach Matt Murdock these abilities, but a sentimental gift from Matt convinces Stick that the boy is too soft for any impending showdown with The Hand. Master Izo is the leader of The Chaste, who is an immortal martial artist and original member of The Hand. He is mentioned inThe Book of The Iron Fist. This sacred tome contains ever martial arts move ever conceived. The supernatural powers that Stick hints at are also possibly tied to the Chi-based abilities possessed by some of the K'un-Lun residents, the city were all Iron Fists hail from. It is speculated that Marvel's Iron Fist will combine the mythology behind The Hand and the 7 Capital Cities of Heaven.

In the comics, it is known that the conflict between The Hand and The Chaste is separate from what happens with the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. In the comic books, the two martial arts clans most well known in the Marvel universe intersected, leading to a team-up between Daredevil and Iron Fist. We may see that idea play through in Marvel's Iron Fist when it debuts in late 2016.

The second major Easter egg revolves around Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho) and her heroine operation located in Hell's Kitchen. On the streets, her product is known as the Still Serpent. This alludes to the Steel Serpent, an Iron Fist villain who has ties to K'un Lun. The symbol seen on the drug packet is also a match for the symbol worn on the Steel Serpent's chest. Madame Gao goes on to drop the cryptic hint that her home is a 'considerable distance' father from China. This has left many fans speculating that Gao is actually Crane Mother, the ruler of a different Capital City of Heaven and adversary of Iron First. In Marvel's Daredevil, Gao is able to take Murdock down with the one palm-thrust, which hints that there is something more to her character.

Did you notice these story elements at play the first time you watched Marvel's Daredevil? Did you see any other Easter eggs that tie in with the other two upcoming Netflix series Marvel's Luke Cage and Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones? Let us know what you find next as you pour over every inch of these inaugural 13 episodes! And you can check out the Still Serpent symbol here:

Daredevil Iron Fist Easter Egg