After proving his comedy chops in this summer's Spy and getting ready to take over for Daniel Craig in a sequel to Layer Cake, is Jason Statham finally ready to head to series television? No, he's not headlining The Expendables planned TV series on Fox. Today's rumor suggests he is wanted by Marvel, Disney and Netflix to take on a main villain role in Marvel's Daredevil Season 2.

The action icon is rumored to be up for the popular role of Bullseye as Marvel's Daredevil begins to prep for 13 all-new episodes. The news has not yet been confirmed, with Latino Review putting a call out to Reps that has gone unanswered. This isn't the first time Jason Statham has been wanted for a role in Marvel's Daredevil. As you may remember, before the rights reverted back to Marvel, 20th Century Fox was planning a reboot with director Joe Carnahan which never happened. Jason Statham is said to have been up for a role in that canceled movie.

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It is claimed that Jason Statham was spotted meeting with Marvel earlier this week, as the actor sets out on his press tour for Spy. It isn't known how large a role Bullseye will play in Marvel's Daredevil Season 2, but he isn't the only villain being planned for the continuation of this popular Netflix series. The upcoming episodes are said to also include Mr. Fear, Spider-Man regular Mysterio, and, as we've heard in the recent past, Elektra, who eventually becomes a love interest for Matt Murdock. What do you think of these plans? Shooting is set to begin at the end of June, or early July at the latest for a early 2016 launch date. Will Jason Statham take the plunge into TV land?