Early in the week, we reported that Marvel's Daredevil is officially shooting scenes for Season 2 in New York, with more action set to take placed in Hell's Kitchen. Along with that news came the first set photos, featuring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock and Elden Henson as his law firm partner Foggy Nelson. Today, we get another look at the set, and this time we get to see the one character everyone is dying to know more about, The Punisher!

Jon Bernthal signed onto play the popular Marvel character Frank Castle last month, but we haven't heard to much about his participation in the show. Showrunner Marco Ramirez described this new set of episodes as Daredevil Vs. The Punisher. With that said, that doesn't mean Frank and Matt are bitter enemies. They just have a different way of conducting business. Castle is a street assassin intent on taking out crime by any means neccessary. Murdock, on the other hand, has a no kill policy when dealing with the bad guys in his nieghborhood. Of course the two butt heads. But in the final stretch, they decided to work together for a common cause, teaming up to take down the main villain.

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It is believed that Bullseye is that main villain. But with production already in process, we have not yet heard who has taken on this role. Jason Statham was reportedly in early talks to play the Marvel comic book character, but walked when news of his involvement leaked early. Just last week, Elodie Yung was cast as fan-favorite Elektra, a potential love interest for Matt Murdock. It is not yet known how all of these various elements will come into play, but it should be quite an explosive season when it hits Netflix in spring 2016. While we wait, take a sneak peek at Jon Bernthal as the new Punisher. Is this what you were hoping for?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange