Unfortunately, a Daredevil game is not in the works. At least not currently. Rumors sparked recently regarding just such a project, which was supposedly going to be developed for the new generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both consoles are set to launch later this year. However, Marvel Games Vice President Bill Rosemann has stepped in to pour some cold water on the situation, as he says the game is not in development.

This all started over the weekend when voice actor Troy Baker, known for his work in video games like The Last of Us and Borderlands, as well as Marvel TV shows such as Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy, tagged Bill Rosemann in a post on Twitter. Baker suggested that he hopes to work with Marvel Games on a future project. Rosemann, responding to the tweet, said the following.

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"You, sir, are clearly a man without fear."

Given that the Man Without Fear is a common nickname for the hero in question, it wasn't difficult for fans to read into the tweet. Plus, some unconfirmed leaks that originated on 4Chan and were reported on elsewhere suggesting that both a Daredevil and Wolverine game were in development helped fuel the fire further. Once those rumors started cropping up, in a post shared to Bill Rosemann's Twitter, they were debunked. The post, which was shared with an image of a stack of Daredevil comics, reads as follows.

"From the office of Nelson & Murdock: While Bill greatly admires the Man Without Fear, there is no Daredevil game in development. Bill's tweet to Troy Baker was an acknowledgment of their shared desire about creating said game & he apologizes for any confusion his tweet created."

For what it may be worth, the update didn't have anything to say about the alleged Wolverine game. That said, since the game is coming from the same 4Chan leak, it is reasonably safe to assume that it isn't officially happening at this time either. The difference with Daredevil is that, seemingly, both Bill Rosemann and Troy Baker have a desire to see that game brought to life. Since Rosemann is the VP and Head of Creative at Marvel Games, that is no small thing.

For now, fans can look forward to Marvel's Avengers, which is set to arrive this fall for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are also rumors that a sequel to 2018's Spider-Man game is in the works as well, which seems all but certain at this point, given how successful the initial entry was. As for Daredevil, the character's fate, in video games or otherwise, remains largely uncertain following the cancelation of the Netflix show in 2018. Rumors suggesting that Charlie Cox would show up in Spider-Man 3 were shot down recently as well. Feel free to check out the posts in question from Bill Rosemann's Twitter for yourself.

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