It seems that an old dog can be revitalized.

In a story from Fangoria, they recently caught up with legendary director Dario Argento on the set of his highly anticipated film, The Third Mother.

Finishing up his Supernatural Trilogy (the first in this set were Suspira and Inferno) the The Third Mother is again based on Thomas De Quincey's Confessions of an Opium Eater legend of three evil mothers. The movie "stars Asia Argento as art restorer Sarah Mandy, who must stop the violent havoc caused when the cruel Mother of Tears is revived by demonic blood sacrifice.

The burning question was how did this long awaited film come about?

"Because my fantasies have never been freer than in the past four years of my thinking about the second sequel," he states. "I had a great experience on the Masters of Horror series. They let me do whatever I wanted, and that creative freedom allowed my imagination to bubble over like sparkling champagne. I rediscovered the fury in my soul, the feelings I had as a young man directing Suspira. That drive, my dreams and a stream of obscene consciousness led me to visualize a modern fairy tale for our confusing times, full of sadomasochistic sex and shocking violence."

Through Masters of Horror Dario came into contact with "writers Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch. "A friend was assistant editor on the series," Gierasch offers, "so I angled a meet with Dario to get some stuff signed. We walked into the editing suite and the first thing Dario said was, 'I'm trying to find writers for The Third Mother-interested?' "

Anderson also adds, "We couldn't believe what had just happened. So we returned the next day with a script sample, and before we knew it we were living in Rome visiting locations. 'You are my slaves-write, write,' he'd say. It was important to Dario that the script connected to Suspira and Inferno in meaningful ways, and we helped him achieve that."