Jessica Alba: The actress, who's Dark Angel has been dropped, is in talks to take the lead role in Honey... What's with this girl's agency? The write-up for this film makes it sound like Coyote Ugly meets Glitter! a "music-driven coming-of-age drama about a sexy," (of course), "tough inner-city woman who dreams of starting a neighborhood dance studio and is then discovered by a music mogul. After finding success as a hot new video choreographer, her dreams are threatened when her mentor blackballs her," (no pun intended), "for not sleeping with him." Marc Platt, who brought us Legally Blonde, will produce. I think they should call this one Coyote Glitter...

After missteps like Idle Hand's, and to a lesser extent Never Been Kissed, one would've hoped she'd learn a thing or two from James Cameron... Guess not.

American Pie 3: The script is making the rounds. Seems the boys find themselves in preparation for and then attending a crazy bachelor party before one of them is to be married. Universal wants this film. Don't expect any one of the girl's to return except for possibly Allison Hannigan, but it's a safe bet that ALL of the guy's will come back... For the right price. LOE is trying to get a copy of the script now, and when we do, we'll give you the scoop!

Cedric the Entertainer: Following in the footsteps of Bernie Mac, who costarred with George Clooney in Ocean's 11, Cedric the entertainer is negotiating to appear in Intolerable Cruelty for Universal Pictures and the Coen Bros.. Cedric would play Gus Petch, a P.I. who works for Clooney, a hard-nosed divorce lawyer. The film also stars Catherine Zeta Jones. Cedric appears next in Serving Sara, with Matthew Perry and Liz Hurley.

John Woo: The director who's Windtalkers opens this month will next direct Nicolas Cage and Chow Yun-Fat in Men of Destiny.

Edward Norton: The actor, who is currently filming a Spike Lee joint, is rumored to be taking a supporting role in The Italian Job opposite Mark Wahlberg. Hm. After the way he stomped on Brett Ratner, we can't wait to hear how he eviscerates F. Gary Gray.

Thanks to: MitAsWelB, The Hollywood Reporter, and TK421

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