The Dark Castle is rising!

In a story from Variety, Dark Castle Entertainment, which is run by uber producer Joel Siler, has put together "a multiyear pact with Warner Premiere to produce two or three films a year directly for DVD, beginning with the sequel Return to House on Haunted Hill."

In addition to this, Dark Castle "will produce original digital content for the Internet and wireless platforms that will be used to complement direct-to-DVD releases or to tell standalone stories that further the Dark Castle brand."

However, don't think that Dark Castle is going to be pigeonholed. It will produce other kinds of films like "actioners and thrillers. Projects could encompass prequels, sequels and original titles that fit the Dark Castle brand."

In a bid to get into the next generation game, "Dark Castle and Warner Premiere are sweetening the pot for consumers able to play high-def DVD formats, introducing 'navigational cinema' technology that will allow viewers to interact with the storyline."

For example, "the high-def version of Return to House on Haunted Hill, set to bow in October under the Dark Castle Home Entertainment banner, will include seven viewer choices leading to over 90 iterations of the storyline."

"We are continually looking for fresh and edgy ideas for our films and for our fans to experience," states Joel Silver.

Variety notes that the "direct-to-DVD market has grown by 30% in the last five years."

In addition to Return to House on Haunted Hill, Dark Castle is currently developing the "supernatural thriller Widow Whisps; psychological suspense tale Odds... and Cheerleaders in Trouble an homage to 1980s slasher pics."