Fathom Events has announced their partnership with Universal Pictures and the Henson Company to bring The Dark Crystal back into movie theaters for a special 2-day event. The 1982 movie directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz is a childhood favorite for many, which has been watched dozens of times by the most hardcore fans. Netflix has the prequel series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, on the way, so a repeat viewing of the 80s classic on the big screen might the perfect way to get sucked back into this story of Skeksis and the Mystics.

The 2-day event takes place next month on February 25th and February 28th in 500 theaters all over the United States. In addition to showing The Dark Crystal in its entirety, the movie begins with a brand-new introduction by Lisa Henson who reflects on the making of the truly one-of-a-kind movie. Not only is this special event allowing fans who weren't old enough the first time around a chance to see it on the big screen, but it will also turn a whole new generation onto the magical universe of The Dark Crystal. In addition, select theaters will be showing a 4K restoration of the movie, which is a whole other treat to look forward to.

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The movie's story is set in the world of Thra, where a Gelfling named Jen has to find a crystal shard after a fracture is created in the Magic Crystal. The fracture causes the creation of two races: The Mystics and the evil Skeksis, who destroy most of the Mystics. Jen is actually played by Jim Henson and voiced by Stephen Garlick, which makes The Dark Crystal even cooler. There are some pretty scary elements in Thra as Jen tries to bring peace back into the universe, making the task even more difficult.

Jim Henson's ideas and designs for the movie started back in 1975 after being inspired by a Leonard B. Lubin illustration in a book of Lewis Carrol's poetry. The image featured crocodiles living in a palace while wearing elaborate robes and jewelry. According to The Dark Crystal co-director Frank Oz, Jim Henson wanted to make something in the style of Grimms' Fairy Tales, believing that it was "unhealthy for children to never be afraid." Henson reportedly wrote most of the story, then called The Crystal, while waiting at an airport for a flight.

The designs for The Dark Crystal were unlike anything that anybody had ever seen in 1982 and pretty much remain that way to present day. They look very much like they came from Jim Henson, but with a much darker twist than we're used to seeing. The Dark Crystal was given a mixed reaction when it first came out, but has since gone on to an epic cult following, which will undoubtedly be looking for a theater nearby to see it on the big screen, especially with a 4K restoration. You can check out the 30-second trailer for the re-release of The Dark Crystal in theaters through the Fathom Events YouTube channel.