According to Variety, the first slate of films under a recent co-production deal between Image Entertainment and Dark Horse Indie includes projects helmed by John Landis and cult favorite Bruce Campbell and another starring Tom Sizemore and Edward James Olmos and another from Harlan Ellison.

Image and Dark Horse have seven films in various stages of production for either theatrical or DVD distribution and five others in development.

Landis will direct Gone, a haunted house tale set to begin lensing in June. Ellison's project is a "Twilight Zone"-type anthology called Dream Corridor, on which pre-production is set for early next year.

Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) will also star as himself in My Name Is Bruce, a comedy/horror film set to start rolling in January. Script has him kidnapped from the set of a "B" horror movie and forced to play the role of his movie character.

Sizemore and Olmos will star in Splinter, from director Michael Olmos. Drama concerns a cop on the skids who teams up with an idealistic young female cop to stop the murder of gang members.

"This slate of films is significant as it represents the first time Image Entertainment will have an equity interest in the films it distributes," said Barry Gordon, senior VP of worldwide programming of Image Entertainment. "We are rapidly moving into the financing and co-producing of films, in addition to acquiring and distributing content."

Dark Horse is responsible for film properties such as Hellboy, "The Mask," "Timecop" and Barb Wire, as well as Dark Horse Comics successes such as Frank Miller's Sin City and Matt Wagner's "Grendel" and licensed titles like "Star Wars," "Conan" and The Incredibles.