Though it's been two years since the 2012 sequel The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters, fans are still debating the end of the movie. If you have yet to see this final chapter in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, there will be Spoilers ahead. During a recent press conference for his role as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings, star Christian Bale took it upon himself to finally interpret the ending for fans.

While Christian Bale explained the meaning behind The Dark Knight Rises final moments, he made it clear that these are his own personal views on the story. He still wants audiences to take away their own interpretation of events, which show Alfred (Michael Caine) discovering that Bruce Wayne is still alive and well, and living happily ever after in France. Many have always wondered if this is a dream. Christian Bale doesn't think so. He states:

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"[Alfred] was just content with me being alive. And he left. Because that was the life he'd always wanted for [Bruce]. I find it very interesting. I think with most films, I tend to say its always what the audience thinks it is. My personal opinion is that it was not a dream. That that was for real. And [Bruce] was delighted that he had finally freed himself from the privilege, but ultimately the burden of being Bruce Wayne."

Where is Bruce Wayne now? Christian Bale doesn't think Batman ever made it back to the states. And if he did, he may need to adjust his lifestyle:

He's still there. He's eaten lots and lots of [unintelligible] at this point, and he won't fit back in that suit."

Even though Christian Bale thinks that Bruce Wayne is still alive in this version of the story, there are many diehard Batman fans who believe Bruce Wayne died while removing the bomb from Gotham City, sacrificing himself. As Christian Bale says, its the audience who should decide for themselves what Bruce's true fate became. What is your take on the ending?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange