It's beginning to look like Dark Phoenix will be a bigger box office bomb than the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. Many fans had feared this would be the case when the movie opened with some less than stellar numbers. The sequel was able to earn $32.8 million domestically in its opening weekend, which was even lower than initially anticipated. After two weeks in theaters, Dark Phoenix was pulled from nearly half of the theaters it started in.

Now, according to new box office reports, it doesn't look like Dark Phoenix will make it past $250 million globally, if it gets there at all. Obviously, a quarter of a billion dollars is still a lot of money, but not for a project which cost at least $200 million to produce. Since it really doesn't look like the sequel will make it past 1.39 times its budget, it is a bigger bomb than 2015's Fantastic Four, which pretty much set the bar for the lowest of the low with $167.9 million off a reported $120 million budget.

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Granted, Dark Phoenix's numbers are much higher than the Fantastic Four, but the budget was also a lot higher. Plus, there's still time for the movie to end up earning more at the box office. As of this writing, it's at $245.7 million internationally and played to 426 theaters in North America over this past weekend. It came in at number fifteen at the box office after bringing in 439,000, which is a 75% decrease from the week before. It has made the bulk of its cash overseas, which is also quickly drying up. With that being said, the writing is on the wall.

Internationally, Dark Phoenix has earned $181.1 million. Domestically, it has only earned $64.6 million. Spider-Man: Far From Home just hit theaters earlier this week and took in $185 million to put things in perspective. With that being said, Dark Phoenix had some trouble behind-the-scenes and was delayed more than once and the ending had to be rewritten. Adding to the trouble is the fact that the Disney and Fox deal closed while the movie was in post-production, pretty much guaranteeing it was going to be the last time we saw this version of the X-Men on the big screen.

Marvel Studios has the Fox properties and they are set to reboot them all in the near future, though no dates have been specified. While Dark Phoenix was torn apart by fans and critics upon its release, there have been some hardcore Marvel fans coming out and standing up for it more recently. The dark tone has been especially praised and the movie could probably go down as a fan-favorite in the years to come when fans argue over the fact that they liked it first, before the hate, while others were roasting it. The box office report on Dark Phoenix and Fantastic Four come to us from Forbes.