The first trailer for Dark Phoenix has been released, showing quite a bit of promise for a movie that some people were worried would never see the light of day. Unfortunately, though the trailer was entertaining, it featured one glaring mistake concerning one of the most important members of the X-Men: Storm.

Late last year, an image from Dark Phoenix made its way across the Internet, featuring a number of the X-Men attending the funeral of an unknown character. The issue with this image had to do directly with Storm. Like most funeral scenes in movies, the scene featured quite a heavy downpour of rain, with everyone in attendance holding a black umbrella above their heads. Storm was one of these characters holding an umbrella, which immediately irritated X-Men fans across the Internet.

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In the comics, Storm would never need to use an umbrella. As her name suggests, she has the ability to control storms, meaning that she could just make the space directly above her stop raining. Even better, if she wanted to, she could be a nice person and make it stop raining over everyone else in attendance with ease. It's a minor detail that the filmmakers clearly overlooked, but to many people, it was enough to show that the people in charge didn't really care about the source material that these movies are supposed to be based off of.

Dark Phoenix recently went through some extensive reshoots to fix some of the issues with the movie. Unfortunately, this issue of detail was apparently not enough of a priority, showing where the studio's priorities really are. While it's important to have a good narrative, it's also important to have comic-book accuracy in order to keep fans pleased. Iron Man 3 is proof of this, which infamously irritated millions of fans with its fake-out Mandarin twist.

It's not just irritating that Fox kept Storm's umbrella in the movie, but that they even included it in their trailer. The shot of Storm with her umbrella didn't merely feature Storm in the background. Instead, the shot was directly on Storm, showing that the studio doesn't even care enough to hide this blatant inaccuracy.

While it's possible that she could be holding her umbrella out of respects of the deceased person, who possibly didn't want anyone to use their powers at their funeral, or that it could be because she has lost her powers, it's still a little ridiculous that they included the shot in their marketing. If there was an explanation, they either should have included it in the trailer, or not included Storm with her umbrella in the trailer at all. Trailers are supposed to please fans and get them excited for the movie rather than irritate them with unexplained mistakes regarding important characters.

While the hopes for Dark Phoenix are still high, this mistake is certainly concerning. Hopefully this is the only comic-book inaccuracy made by 20th Century Fox in this movie, but based on the fact that they were careless enough to include it in their trailer, we are doubtful. Hopefully X-Men: Dark Phoenix will blow us away, but based on this blatant mistake, all it does is help get a lot of Marvel fans excited for the X-Men to go back to Marvel Studios where it clearly belongs.