You knew it was coming. Dark Phoenix was one of the year's biggest disappointments both critically and financially. Disney has fully swallowed 20th Century Fox, and the X-Men franchise has come home to the MCU. The Fox version of the series, which kicked off in 2000, is now officially dead. And Dark Phoenix is its last gasp of air. Now Honest Trailers has has gone to town on this saga ending sequel, offering this stinging gem right off the bat.

"From Disney comes the last film in this X Universe to remind us that just like the human body, when a franchise dies, it craps itself."
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The gloves are off straight out of the gate this time around, and you can tell there will be no love given to this box office stinker. The Honest Trailers crew go after the movie for recycling the plot from X-Men 3, only this time with a whole lot more Jean Gray. But not really. Instead, the movie explores the cosmic potential of the Phoenix Force. But again, not really.

Dark Phoenix gets zinged for not explaining how Magneto is a free man after the last movie, or how the X-Men have a hotline to the president after Mystique pulled a gun on Richard Nixon. Of course the crazy timeline is a point of contention, with each film skipping decades, though the characters don't look like they've aged. Technically Beast should be in his 50s, but you'd never be able to tell as Nicholas Hoult still looks every bit the 29 year old.

The trailer continues to take down Dark Phoenix rung by rung, pinging just about every aspect of the story and production. And it gleefully goes through each character, noting how bad each mutant's story has been dwindled down and serviced into nothing. And yes, they take a couple of pot shots at Jennifer Lawrence for being much too famous to sit in the make-up chair any longer.

This is one of the rougher Honest Trailers to arrive in recent months, with the narrator eventually calling out the director for making what amounts to a student film, and stating that the heroes all look like morons in their signature heroic poses. The slams just keep coming too, for a solid five minutes that are pretty brutal.

"So press X to pay respects to the final terrible movie of the current X-Men franchise, that you could blame on the writer/director failing upwards, or last minute reshoots to make it less like Captain Marvel. Or the main cast wishing they were dead. Or you could choose to remember all the good times. Forget this ever happened. And then try reading some X-Men comics instead."

Often times, especially as of late, the Honest Trailers gang will have at least one or two nice things to say about the movie they are roasting. That definitely doesn't happen here. They pretty much chock Dark Phoenix up as a pile of hot garbage. And what difference does it make? This version of the franchise is dead, and mutants will soon get to play around inside the MCU as part of the Marvel Studios and Disney family. So it's all in good fun. This comes directly from Screen Junkies.