The first official poster for Dark Phoenix has arrived and it brings with it the promise of the movie's first trailer later tonight. Rumors have been floating online for the past couple of days that the trailer could be debuting very soon, thanks to a leaked version from a Russian convention making its way online and some social media activity from Fox on a Chinese website. We need no longer wonder, as this poster promises very plainly that the trailer is coming.

As for the poster itself, it's quite stunning. We see a shadowy profile of Sophie Turner's Jean Grey, the colorful cosmos in the background behind a fiery X, with flames shooting all around. There is also a bit of dialogue that helps set up the danger in Dark Phoenix. There's a brief exchange between Mystique and Charles Xavier, with Magneto saying something very cryptic, which doesn't bode well for how he views Jean in the upcoming movie.

"I've seen evil, and I'm looking at it now."

For those who may not be familiar, the Dark Phoenix storyline from the X-Men comics sees Jean exposed to a solar flare in space, ultimately reaching her full potential as a telepath and becoming more powerful than she's ever been. However, things go south and this power gets the best of her, resulting in her turning on her fellow mutants. It's unclear how faithful this adaptation is going to be, but it's clear that Jean is going to have a rough ride ahead of her. There's also the matter of Jessica Chastain and her mysterious villain, who hasn't yet been revealed.

Fans have been waiting to see this trailer for some time. Originally, the latest movie in the main X-Men series was supposed to hit theaters this November. But director Simon Kinberg, who has served as a longtime writer and producer of the series and makes his directorial debut here, ended up having to do some reasonably extensive reshoots, which set things back quite a bit. As glimpsed on the motion poster, Dark Phoenix is now set to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2019, which means we've all got a romantic date with the mutants next Valentine's Day.

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Until we glimpse the trailer tonight, there's no real way of knowing at this point if this could be a solid bounce back after Apocalypse disappointed in 2016. But this is quite likely to be the final X-Men movie to feature this cast, as the Disney purchase of Fox looms. So good or bad, it will ultimately be an important one, as this continuity stretches all the way back to the original X-Men in 2000, which helped kick off the modern superhero movie craze. It's, quite possibly, the end of an era. Let's hope it proves to be worthy. Be sure to check out the poster from the X-Men Movies Twitter account and check back with us for the trailer tonight, which we'll bring you as soon as it drops.

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