According to a recent report, 20th Century Fox's reshoots for X-Men sequel Dark Phoenix are a bit more extensive than we initially believed. The additional photography will apparently stretch over three months and will be used to replace nearly everything that the studio has already shot for the movie.

Though Fox has done a good job at keeping most of the issues with X-Men: Dark Phoenix a secret, it has been incredibly clear that the movie has a decent number of problems. For example, it was originally slated to release this November, before it was suddenly pushed back until February 2019. Though we did know that Dark Phoenix had issues, the report that things are this bad is truly shocking.

The average blockbuster movie shoots for three months, so the fact that Fox will be taking that much time to reshoot the entire movie is a surprise. The reshoots have already begun and will apparently keep going until October. Ironically, this was the same period of time in which the movie first shot last year, beginning in the summer and ending in October. Based on this nearly identical time period, it looks as though Fox will be reshooting a bit more than the ending of the movie, as was originally reported. It looks as though the entire movie is being reshot, considering how long they are planning on going for.

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Because of these massive reshoots, it's incredibly likely that we will see the theatrical release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix be delayed yet again. If the movie doesn't shoot until October, it's unlikely that post-production will be completely finished by February. If they don't delay the release, X-Men: Dark Phoenix will most likely suffer the way that Justice League did with their truly horrendous visual effects.

The need for these reshoots first arose back in June when the movie reportedly went through a number of poor test screenings, where the movie was described as "really underwhelming," and that it "is just not good when compared to modern comic book movie films." The original claims stated that the third act of the movie was a total disappointment, but now it looks as though the entire movie may be disappointing.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix follows X-Men: Apocalypse featuring the X-Men team back in action, but this time during the '90s. Like in the comics, Dark Phoenix will follow the incredibly interesting story arc where Jean Grey is overpowered by another being who uses her abilities for evil. Dark Phoenix is one of the X-Men's most challenging foes in the comics, so it will be certainly interesting to see this arc be told correctly on screen. X-Men: The Last Stand tried to feature this arc, but unfortunately it was delivered rather poorly.

This news on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, reported by Omega Underground's Christopher Marc, may feel like bad tidings for the sequel, but it's good to know that Fox is working hard to fix their mistakes. These reshoots disprove the previous rumor that Fox was planning on scrapping the sequel entirely. Hopefully this movie will be worth the wait. Assuming Fox does not delay it again, you can see X-Men: Dark Phoenix when it releases in theaters on February 14th, 2019.