Dark Phoenix will indeed be going in for some reshoots. However, contradictory to recent reports, those reshoots won't be lasting for several months, meaning that the majority of the movie won't be scrapped. Instead, it looks like the latest movie within the X-Men universe will be undergoing a much more reasonable amount of reshoots that don't signify nearly as much cause for concern, given that at least some reshoots have become very common for major blockbusters.

According to a new report, sources close to the production reveal that the previous report from Montreal outlet LaPresse, which stated the movie would be heading in for three months of reshoots, was totally false. Instead, first-time director Simon Kinberg is heading up to Montreal with the cast for two and half weeks of scheduled reshoots on Dark Phoenix. The idea is that they are going to be adding some action to the third act of the movie, a couple of new scenes and some shots for existing scenes. Three months of reshoots would have seemingly indicated that a massive chunk, if not almost the entirety of Dark Phoenix, was going to be reshot.

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Part of the reason the reshoots have taken so long to get going is the cast's schedule. Jessica Chastain, who is playing the movie's main villain, and James McAvoy, who is back once more as Professor X, are both tied up shooting IT 2 right now. Sophie Turner, who's Jean Grey will be a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to Dark Phoenix, had also been busy shooting the final season of Game of Thrones. Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence are also very in-demand, so it was surely difficult to get everyone's schedule to line up.

Originally, Fox had intended to release Dark Phoenix on November 2 of this year. However, following some test screenings, it was decided that reshoots were needed and, since those reshoots took a while to coordinate, the movie was bumped to February 14, 2019. Still, with the release just four months out, it does seem a bit suspicious that we haven't even seen a teaser trailer just yet. One has to wonder if the release date will get shifted again, or if the movie will just get a massive marketing push closer to its release.

With the Disney takeover of Fox looming, it's highly likely that this will be the last proper X-Men movie made with this cast. X-Force and New Mutants will very likely get in under the wire, but the probability of the studio being able to get another team movie together in time seems doubtful. For better or for worse, depending on how things turn out, that makes Dark Phoenix a very important comic book movie, as it signals the end of a major era. We'll be sure to keep you up to date as more details on the project are made available. This news comes to us courtesy of Collider.