Some brand new set photos from Dark Phoenix have made their way online. The latest X-Men movie has been undergoing reshoots recently, which are said to be relatively significant and are the reason that the comic book flick is going to miss its original November 2018 release date. But the show must go on and these latest set photos from the reshoots reveal some major action going down between Jean Grey and a mystery villain.

The photos feature Sophie Turner's Jean Grey and Jessica Chastain, whose villain character has yet to be revealed, duking it out in an unknown location. The two are seen in grey jumpsuits that make it clear there is going to be some heavy CGI added during the post-production process to whatever is going on here. It's also pretty clear based on the action-heavy nature of these photos that the reshoots being done on Dark Phoenix aren't just a few pick-up shots here and there. That's not necessarily cause for concern, but it's worth noting.

An official synopsis has yet to be revealed for Dark Phoenix, which is going to take another stab at adapting the beloved storyline from the pages of Marvel Comics. This was previously attempted with X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006 which, to say the least, didn't go over terribly well. Perhaps director Simon Kinberg will have more luck than the since-disgraced Brett Ratner did. At the very least, we're holding out hope that this is a bit of a bounce back from 2016's Apocalypse, which was a serious step down from Days of Future Past in just about every way.

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Simon Kinberg has been a long time writer/producer of the franchise, but is stepping behind the camera for the first time with Dark Phoenix, which marks his directorial debut. Despite his experience as a producer, this is a huge movie to start with and that has made some a bit nervous. But since we haven't seen a trailer yet, there's no telling how Kinberg managed the transition. To that point, it's a bit strange that we haven't seen a trailer of any kind yet, considering that the movie is currently slated for release on February 14, 2019.

Regardless of when it's released, this will hold a likely special place in comic book movie history. Disney is wrapping up their purchase of Fox, meaning that the X-Men character rights will be in the hands of Marvel Studios and they will be absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That makes it highly probable that Dark Phoenix will be the final movie in the core X-Men franchise that has been going since 2000. It will mark the end of an era. Let's just hope they can manage to go out on a high note. Be sure to check out the new set photos from the Universo X-Men Twitter account for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott