It looks like we may finally be seeing the Dark Phoenix trailer arrive online in the very near future. Had things gone the way they were originally supposed to go, the latest X-Men movie would have been debuting in theaters this November. However, reshoots caused Fox to shift around the schedule, with the movie now scheduled to arrive in early 2019. But fans have been wondering where the trailer is and why we haven't seen a teaser yet. The question of why remains less clear, but the question of when may very well have been answered.

A post made by 20th Century Fox to the Chinese social networking site Weibo has fueled speculation that the trailer for Dark Phoenix will arrive later this week. The photo isn't new and features most of the major players from the X-Men universe gathered together around the time that Apocalypse, Logan and the first Deadpool were being promoted. The post teased that something is coming in three days. It's tough to imagine this is anything but the trailer we've been waiting for.

Rumors have circulated previously of the trailer possibly arriving, but there is further circumstantial evidence to support the idea that the teaser will show up online this week. For one, a version of the trailer was recently shown at an event in Russia, with a very poor quality cell phone video of the footage making its way online via Reddit. So the trailer is absolutely ready to go and, with the release date just a handful of months away, it's time to finally show the world what director Simon Kinberg has cooked up.

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Both Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants had major reshoots ordered by Fox, with both projects being delayed significantly. Though, New Mutants has been delayed multiple times and based on what we've heard, it sounds like that movie could be in worse shape. In any case, Simon Kinberg, who has been a long time writer and producer of the X-Men movies, makes his directorial debut with what could very well be the final movie in the series, as the Disney purchase of Fox looms. There were concerns of Kinberg taking on such a massive project as his directorial debut. Whether or not those concerns turn out to be warranted remains to be seen.

The general consensus seems to be that the studio could attach the trailer to the theatrical release of Venom, which is set for October 5. Studios almost always released the trailers online ahead of time these days, so don't be shocked to see the Dark Phoenix trailer pop up online in the next few days. If it is indeed finally making its way online, we'll be sure to bring it to you as soon as its made available, in addition to any other developments. Dark Phoenix is set to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2019. You can check out the post Fox made to Weibo for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott