If you didn't see The Dark Tower this weekend, and judging from the box office receipts, many of you haven't, there will be SPOILERS for the movie below, with director Nikolaj Arcel teasing new details about the sequel and the ending of the first movie. While Sony hasn't officially issued a a release date or given a green light for the follow-up, Stephen King said in a recent interview that he wants The Dark Tower 2 to be R-rated. But that may be a tough sell, since the first movie underperformed at the box office. While it may be some time before it's official, director Nikolaj Arcel has offered some intriguing details on the potential follow-up. But this is your last chance to avoid SPOILERS, so read on at your own risk.

ComingSoon.net spoke with Nikolaj Arcel, who addressed the rather controversial ending, where it seemed Matthew McConaughey's character Walter O'Dim, a.k.a. The Man in Black, was killed off. Fortunately for Man in Black fans, you haven't seen the last of this character, at least according to director Nikola Arcel. Here's what the filmmaker had to say, when asked about the ending, where it seemed like The Man in Black was killed.

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"We are going into spoiler territory. I think it's fair to say that The Man in Black will return, yeah. He's the main, he's THE villain. If we had really wanted to kill him off for good, it would've been a bigger moment, and I think it was almost like, 'Did he die? Did he not?' I don't know. For me, he certainly didn't. He is in the later installments of the novels, so yeah."

When asked where Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) and Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) will go from here, the director would only state that fans can find out where they might be heading in the second Stephen King novel, The Drawing of the Three. That novel is set just hours after the first book, The Gunslinger, and follows Roland and Jake on their journey towards The Dark Tower. The director was also asked about Jackie Earle Haley's character Sayre, who was also seemingly killed off in The Dark Tower, although the director teased we could see him again as well. Here's what Nikolaj Arcel had to say about Jackie Earle Haley's Sayre below.

"I think there is a possible future for him. We don't see him actually die, right? But I think he's definitely one of those characters that I felt wasn't a big character in the script, but Jackie, I've always loved his work. I just told him, 'Listen, it's not a huge part, but it's important, you know, a seriously important character.' And he was so game. He was cool. He was just like, 'Yeah, I love the character, so let me do it.' But you never know what can happen."

Many fans were rather upset about The Dark Tower runtime, with the film clocking in at just 95 minutes long. The director teased that there will be some deleted scenes that will be featured on the Blu-ray and DVD, with "five or six little scenes" that amount to "10 or 12 minutes" of extra footage. While The Dark Tower won't be a massive hit at the box office, it was produced under a reported budget of $60 million, so it could still pull in a decent profit for the studio. Which is also producing a Dark Tower TV series, with The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara as the new showrunner. Hopefully we'll have more concrete details about The Dark Tower sequel very soon.