With just a few days left until The Dark Tower movie hits theaters, Idris Elba has revealed a huge Easter Egg that will have Dark Tower fans quite excited. Still, it is also considered to be quite the spoiler, especially for fans who have read all of Stephen King's Dark Tower books, so if you want to go into The Dark Tower spoiler-free, then you may want to stop reading right now. Otherwise, read on to see what The Gunslinger himself, Idris Elba, had to say while promoting this highly-anticipated adaptation.

Shortly after production began last July, Dark Tower set photos leaked that seemingly revealed a huge spoiler, featuring Idris Elba's Gunslinger and Tom Taylor's Jake Chambers, although one particular photo caught many fans' eyes, showcasing what looked like the Horn of Eld in the Gunslinger's satchel. This threw fans for a loop since Roland doesn't possess the Horn until the very last book of the series, sparking speculation that this movie adaptation would actually be a sequel to the books, not an adaptation of them. Our own Julian Roman caught up with Idris Elba, who confirmed that The Gunslinger does in fact possess the Horn of Eld in this movie.

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Stephen King himself has hinted that the movie makes many changes from his iconic book series, although he has also clarified that the movie will start with the same opening line from his first novel, "The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed." However, from there, the movie jumps to the "middle" of the story, admitting in an interview from May 2016 that the structure of this Dark Tower movie might upset fans of his books. Still, that doesn't exactly explain how Roland has the Horn of Eld, with the original set photos spawning numerous theories while production was under way, and another theory that surfaced after the trailer was released.

Just one day after first trailer debuted (after months of delays), another Dark Tower video surfaced, which broke down the footage frame by frame, and the Horn of Eld was nowhere to be found. This video posited that the Horn of Eld theory is not true, since the Horn is not seen on The Gunslinger's person, as it often was in various set photos during the production. However, our very first glimpse of the Horn on the set was in a photo where the top of this Horn was sticking out of the top of Roland's satchel, seen with numerous clusters of bullets. Some argued that the Horn wasn't shown in the trailer because it was still in Roland's satchel, which certainly seems viable considering that's where we saw the Horn in the first set photo.

Since the Horn's presence is an easter egg, according to Idris Elba, perhaps it's not as important in the movie, as it is in the original novels, and while it's not made clear in the movie, The Gunslinger is in fact in possession of the Horn of Eld throughout the entire movie. This could bolster theories that this Sony Pictures adaptation is in fact a sequel to the original novel series, which many had speculated even before filming started, when Abbey Lee (Mad Max Fury Road) was cast as Tiranna, a character who doesn't come into the story until the final book. Hopefully we'll find out more about this unique adaptation, and what it could mean for the potential sequels and the impending TV series, which has recently been confirmed.