Guillermo del Toro just finished with his Pacific Rim panel at WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim, were he dropped some interesting tidbits about Dark Universe, hinting that it will ultimately be called Justice League Dark.

While Justice League continues to linger at Warner Bros. without a greenlight, it looks like Guillermo del Toro's cult project may get the go-ahead first. The film will team such DC Comics characters as John Constantine, Swamp Thing, The Demon, Deadman, The Spectre, and Zatanna. The director is currently writing a story bible that will be adapted into a workable screenplay in the very near future.

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John Constantine is being set up as the leader of the movie, and will have blonde hair this time out, promises Guillermo del Toro. The character was previously brought to the screen in 2005 with the dark haired Keanu Reeves, who most felt was miscast. The director says the character will be recruiting the other characters this time out, pulling together his own team of outcasts. It will not be an origin film, but will delve into the backstory of its characters as it progresses through the main storyline.

The blood history of Constantine and his ties to Merlin and the Knights of King Arthur will be featured in the screenplay, though the plot will take place in current day. Swamp Thing will be at peace with himself, while Deadman will be continuing his personal search for the person that shot him.

The project is expected to be announced officially in the coming months. Dark Universe won't happen until after Guillermo del Toro finishes Crimson Peak, though. And early word is that Pacific Rim 2 may also happen before Dark Universe.

Might we see Justice League and Justice League Dark at the same time? Which do you want to see more?