In a fictional town called Normal, California, the population is dropping ... fast.

That's because someone's, well, 'making a killing'.

How much would you pay to get rid of someone? And who would you hire to do it?

Meet Gwen, housewife-turned serial killer/hit person-for-hire. Her husband Carl is on drugs, he's lost his job, and, desperate for cash, Gwen's unsuccessful attempts at finding a job force her to start a very unusual home business. She teams up with Crusher, a fanatical car-wrecking yard owner to rid the town of 'undesirables'.

Gwen finds a niche in getting rid of people who make life miserable. "This is an untapped market. I do what everyone fantasizes about, but no one wants to do," Gwen reasons. But she is selective about her clients and does her job "with a conscience". That's her conflicted serial killer persona reasoning.

And they are not at a loss for customers: abused housewives, jealous rivals, and people out for revenge, all willing to pay high prices for discreet disposal of people they want out of their lives.

Looks like life in Normal, California, isn't so normal after all.

Horror/SciFi novelist Lia Scott Price directs and stars in this quirky dark comedy. Produced by Lia Scott Price Productions Inc., Normal, California also stars Miles Eastham, Wendell Nelson, and Gina Juliano.

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