Saw III director Darren Lynn Bousman has started an online blog about the Saw IV production as well as his other projects, including "REPO! The Genetic Opera".

The first entry says that "The crew of Saw IV is 90% the exact same from Saw III... The production designer - costume designer - cinematographer - gaffers - grips - office staff - transportation - EVERYTHING the same" and the production will begin this week.

Bousman reflects on the previous Saw movies: "I have been very lucky as I have had a chance to grow as a director during my 'tenure' in the SAW universe. Each film allowing me to explore a different approach to horror... Saw II was more of an 'action' based horror film... A bunch of people running around a house with all kinds of fucked up traps awaiting them... Saw III was more emotional than Saw II - - I really got to explore relationships with characters - and while it was violent, the film played on many different levels... Saw IV - is a more intricate story than its predecessors - more tense - scarier and with a more of a foreboding sense of dread. I don't know what other franchise out there allows the director the freedom to explore such different sub-genres while still being a part of a popular horror franchise."

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Saw IV arrives in theatres on October 26, 2007.