Darth Vader learns that he is indeed the father of Luke and Leia after a paternity test in a short viral video told with subtitles. The internet can be a beautiful place as long as you're not debating Marvel vs. DC or the true identity of General Snoke or who Rey's parents are or just about anything regarding today's political climate. That's why this short Star Wars GIF is exactly what we need right now, something that we can all agree on. Old man Vader is going to have to open the wallet and pay some back child support after this episode of Maury.

The expertly done GIF, uploaded by Imgur user yaemd, starts with Maury introducing Lord Vader and a statement that Vader has prepared for the producers ahead of time. Vader agreed to take a paternity test to prove that he is definitely not the father of the Rebel twins, but as with most episodes of Maury, over confidence is the downfall of the male. In Vader's statement he claims "Padme is lying. I never had sex with her. Not once. I can't be the father of those twins." Vader's statement goes a little further, but its kind of NSFW. Maury has an envelope that contains the paternity results and you guessed it, Lord Vader is the father.

Quite possibly the best part of the short clip is when the camera pans to the audience and a sand person jumps up, taunting Darth Vader along with the rest of the crowd. There was obviously some love that went into this parody unlike when the twins were conceived apparently. Say what you want about Maury, but he comes off perfectly in the clip and almost makes up for the years of terrible television that he has unleashed on the world. Almost. It's also worth noting that the Death Star fits in pretty nicely with Maury's studio set.

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There have been attempts on this premise before, but none of them even come close to touching the short, subtleties to this clever clip. The GIF has been up for around 24 hours now and already has well over 2 million views, surely making it the top meme of the long weekend and then like most memes it will disappear, it really all depends on the current meme economy. Star Wars memes are probably pretty hot right now. This fan-made clip would have been the perfect addition to Cinefamily's recently released Star Wars mixtape. Oh, well, maybe it will be included in the 50th anniversary expanded addition.

40 years of Star Wars and the celebration just keeps going, thankfully. It gets hard with such a famous franchise, so much content is released and it's hard to sift through all the bad stuff to finally come across a gem. But hey, the sifting has already been done for this gem, so sit back and watch the ten-second GIF over and over, you know you want to. Watch the Darth Vader paternity test below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick