LucasFilm and Disney plan Multiple Darth Vader TV Specials for 2014

While we anxiously await any news about Star Wars: Episode VII, something unexpected has arrived from left field. The Brand Licensing Europe Expo is currently under way in Olympia, London, and Jedi News has gotten their hands on the brochure handed out to attendees by Lucasfilm, which reveals that Disney is planning multiple Darth Vader Themed TV Specials for 2014.

This is confirmed as fact, not rumor, as this brocher came directly from Disney and LucasFilm, to give retailers an idea of what is coming in the months and years ahead, starting this winter and going through the summer of 2015.

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It has been speculated by quite a lot of industry insiders that Disney and Lucasfilm are gearing up to announce that Star Wars: Episode VII is behind schedule and not going to meet its intended 2015 release date. Many believed that a firm 2016 date would be confirmed soon. This official (I repeat, this is 100% official from Lucasfilm) brochure goes against that hype, once again reiterating the news that Star Wars: Episode VII is coming in the summer of 2015.

Star Wars Expo brochure

This now begs the question: Is J.J. Abrams further along in production than Disney and Lucasfilm have let on? Is it possible that actors have already been cast and that shooting is underway? And we don't know it because J.J. Abrams is proving just how big of a secret he can keep? A Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer is rumored to be on the way shortly, with past teaser trailers being released for the franchise every week. Are our minds about to be blown away by what is in this upcoming teaser trailer? Who knows!

This brochure also reveals that the first animated series from Disney and Lucasfilm isn't going to be Star Wars Rebels, but the long rumored LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles, which, according to this sheet, will appear with Episodes 2 and 3 sometime before the end of the year, most likely December. We're not sure what happened to Episode 1, but as it goes with TV series, some of the episodes get shuffled, and if there is a loose continuity to the series, it may be held for air in 2014. We do not yet know which network this new animated series will air on.

This will be followed by multiple (it does not say how many) TV Specials that revolve around Darth Vader. Right now, its being speculated that these specials will tie into Star Wars Rebels, which we now know from this brochure will launch with its hour long special in the Autumn/Winter of 2014. This tie-in business is not fact, though. And it is not know if the Darth Vader Themed TV Specials will be live action or animated.

LucasFilm will also be launching its Digital Library in Autumn/Winter 2014, followed by the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special.

Here is a list of all that is planned between now and the theatrical debut of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Lucasfilm reveals its slate of projects from now until summer 2015

Autumn/Winter 2013

Spring/Summer 2014

  • 'Choose Your Side' Cross-Company Marketing Initiative
  • Classic Lego Games Mobile Release
  • Darth Vader Themed TV Specials

Autumn/Winter 2014

Spring/Summer 2015

So, what do you make of this first official information from Lucasfilm in quite some time? Does a Darth Vader TV special excite you? Bother you? Do you want them to be live action or animated? Or are you a little under whelmed by all of this?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange