Day Of The Dead: Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the much anticipated and sought after Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead keeps with the biting political and social commentaries that made the first two films classics of the zombie genre.

The two-disc set will hit stores on August 19, and the features are a plenty. Disc one will include two commentary tracks, on with filmmaker Roger Avery, while the other includes George Romero, Tom Savini, Lori Cardille and production designer Cletus Anderson.

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Day of the Dead has gotten an anamorphic widescreen transfer from the original negative and will support DTS 6.1 Dolby EX. The second disc will include a new featurette containing interviews with Lori Cardille, Tom Savini, George Romero, Cletus Anderson and others. Also included are production notes, behind the scenes footage courtesy of Tom Savini, the original screenplay, the last interview with Richard Liberty on Audio, trailers, poster and advertising gallery, behind scenes gallery, production photo gallery, still gallery, production design art gallery, Mine promo footage and a full color booklet. Phew.

I just love what Anchor Bay does for horror fans. Their releases are always top quality. Retail price is expected to be under $30.

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