No, say it isn't so! NBC's Dateline has booted co-anchor Stone Phillips off the program. According to Variety, it was a move made in the name of cost cutting.

Phillips has been with Dateline since it first premiered way back in 1992. NBC has no plans to replace him. Co-anchor Ann Curry will now do all of the hosting duties alone. The only good news for fans of the program is that Chris Hansen, made popular by all those To Catch a Predator segments, will soon play a greater role in the series. He will even begin introducing his own stories.

Stone kept a good attitude about the move, saying "It's been a wonderful 15 years. I'm profoundly appreciative of the many friends and colleagues, past and present, who have been a part of the Dateline family."

Workers on the news program were shocked to hear of his departure. One unidentified staff employee stated, "When you look at how synonymous his name is with the show, it is stunning, which is how most of the staff took it. It's a sign that the Dateline that everybody watched and liked is turning into something else."

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