Comedian Dave Chappelle went out of his way to help out some fans who had been ripped off. Deidra Dickens says that she bought four tickets to see Chappelle's sold out performance at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on Valentine's Day. However, she purchased them on Craigslist and the seller never sent her the tickets. Dickens bought the tickets for $500 using Apple Pay and the seller stopped communicating with her right after she sent the cash. Dickens warned others on social media about the fraud, which alerted a member of Chappelle's crew.

Ahead of the show, Dave Chappelle decided to surprise the couple, who were on a double date with real tickets to his show. News footage captured the moment and the entire restaurant was shocked to see the comedian stroll in. It's not clear how the news reporters knew about the situation as Chappelle seemed confused by their arrival. The comedian walked up to the table with tickets in hand and said, "Always get your tickets from reliable sources."

After taking photos with the family and the rest of the restaurant, Dave Chappelle gave a small interview with the local news. The comedian was in good spirits, but seemed a little uncomfortable about being interviewed about his good deed. At one point he even states that he didn't think he'd be on the news. Chappelle had this to say.

"It's good that people know always get your tickets from reliable sources and take any opportunity that's presented to you to be kind especially if it's something easy to do."

Unfortunately, getting ripped off for tickets is a common occurrence. Scalpers have been around forever, taking the tickets to sell them for a much higher price, depending on the demand. Ticket prices fluctuate for Chappelle's shows, but it looks like $140 seems to be the average price for this particular show. So, for the fact that Deidra Dickens was able to find someone selling tickets to the sold out performance for less than face value, should be an alert. Tickets below face value is always a good indicator that someone might be trying to rip you off. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Dave Chappelle is one of the biggest comedians in the world, so there is going to be a high demand for tickets to his shows. However, it one is looking to buy tickets from Craigslist or Facebook, always use PayPal to make a payment and choose the goods and services method, that way the purchase is protected. It takes a little while, but refunds are given generally after two weeks. Another scam to look out for is buying counterfeit tickets out in front of the venue. Technology allows for nearly perfect-looking tickets, so if you buy on the street, have the seller walk you up to the door and pay them there. You can check out Dave Chappelle's good deed below, thanks to the WBTV Twitter account.