Biopics about famous bands and musicians always seem to be a hit at the box office. Considering the band's popularity, it's possible we'll one day see a Foo Fighters movie on the big screen. As of now, there are not any plans to make a film about the band in the works. Still, it's a fun topic of discussion for fans of Foo Fighters, leaving them to speculate who could play the role of David Grohl in such a film. Humorously, Grohl himself recently weighed in on the subject in a radio interview, suggesting he wants a classic horror movie actress to take on the part. Without a beat, Grohl said that he'd personally cast Shelley Duvall to play himself.

"I'm going for Shelley Duvall. Like, look at Shelley Duvall from The Shining. She's like,'Get away from me! Get away from me!'. Like, that's me. That's totally me.'"
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Duvall is perhaps best known for starring in Stanley Kubrick's seminal horror film The Shining. In the film, the Torrance family holes up in a remote hotel during the winter. Duvall plays the horrified wife Wendy, who must protect herself and their son Danny (Danny Lloyd) when her husband Jack (Jack Nicholson) goes completely insane. The film is widely considered to be one of the best movies of all time, and Duvall's performance is universally praised. The actress can also be seen in many other feature films, which includes memorable roles in Popeye, Annie Hall, and Suburban Commando.

Fans of Grohl can especially appreciate the musician's response, which was obviously tongue-in-cheek. For years, people have made the comparison between Grohl and Duvall's character from The Shining, and Grohl's response is referencing this long-running joke. In reality, Duvall has since retired from acting, having last appeared in a feature film back in 2002. Although she lives a private life, she appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil in 2016 after reports surfaced about alleged mental health issues. Critics lambasted the show for its portrayal of Duvall, with Vivian Kubrick saying the episode was "appallingly cruel."

Nobody has yet ever played Dave Grohl in a feature film, so whoever takes on the role in a potential Foo Fighters movie would be the first. Grohl's previous band Nirvana seems ripe for a biopic, especially considering the hard and fast life lived by its frontman Kurt Cobain. Still, no official Nirvana movie has ever been produced, although countless documentaries have been released about the band. The closest Hollywood has come so far is Gus Van Sant's 2005 film Last Days, which is a film about a fictional musician named Blake whose appearance and story is heavily inspired by Cobain.

There is always money to be made with biopics when it comes to popular bands. We need to look no further than what's now playing for the latest example of that, with Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody raking in profits at the box office. For decades now, Grohl has maintained a large following and more than qualifies to have a film about him made some day. It seems pretty likely we'll one day see it happen, but probably not with Shelley Duvall. Grohl's interview originally aired on KLOS 95.5 and was transcribed by NME.