The actor talks about his new show and working with wife Courteney Cox

David Arquette stars in the new sitcom In Case of Emergency along with Jonathan Silverman, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Hu and Greg Germann. At the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour they got together to discuss their show. Here is what David had to say about his new sitcom and working with his wife Courteney Cox. David is also co-producing Cox's TV series Dirt.

Steve McPherson [the President of ABC Entertainment] mentioned that because there are not a lot of popular comedies right now, that it's fostered an atmosphere of risk taking in the community. Do you get the sense overall that this is the case right now?

David Arquette: I think also with the Internet and just humor in general is just getting a little crazier - with Borat, is a perfect example.

What is it about your character on this show that you like?

David Arquette: It's just fun to play characters that are flawed, that aren't perfect - that are more human in a sense. All of us together, whenever we have scenes that involve everyone, it's when it really starts coming alive. It was such a joy getting to know each other's rhythm in comedy and just being able to laugh. It's really what I think it comes across, too, on the show. It's a lot of fun.

In the beginning weren't you filming these episodes at the same time that you were producing Dirt, and getting that started?

David Arquette: We started shooting Dirt first, I think. Yeah. So we developed Dirt for two years, so a lot of the initial development was done earlier. I was involved in a lot of the [development] -- right up to shooting, shooting the first couple of episodes. Then I had to go act and be a part of this show. I could still check casting on the Internet, and I could still be on the notes calls and read the scripts and give notes on those and give notes on cuts and be able to -- since it is an ensemble, we work a few days here, a few days there. So it was a great schedule as far as that goes and being able to balance it all.

And is there kind of a difference in time, because you're sitting there -- like you mentioned, you guys laugh a lot when you're working, and your wife is over there ruining people's lives in Dirt and so forth. So does it affect you when you come home in one mood and she comes home in a different mood?

David Arquette: Not really except for the fact that the hour schedule is so much harsher, especially if it's sort of centered around her - especially in the first few episodes. That was really difficult as far as just getting used to the new schedule and being able to wake up early with the baby and balance all those things. But, yeah. It's been great. It's also great not producing [this show] and just acting. I see Emile [Levisetti, executive producer] running around on the phone, and I just know some of the stuff he's going through. It's just not fun to get certain phone calls.

Who wears the pants in your family?

David Arquette: I think it really is a balancing act. To make it work in this town, you have to know your partner and know how to help them and know what presses their buttons and try not to press them and just work it out and be honest and true to each other.

Lori Loughlin: But Coco wears the pants in the Arquette family.

David Arquette: She bosses me around quite a bit. That little rascal.

David, you mostly have done movies. Have your sisters who do TV or your wife who does TV given you any advice to take to work every day?

David Arquette: My first two jobs were television shows... They didn't really give me any advice except for just seeing how hard the hour-long was. So I really didn't want to be part of an hour-long show just because it's such a brutal schedule. It really is. So aside from that, I mean, they have always given me advice in general.

You worked with Courteney in the past. When you know somebody that well, is it a huge advantage or can it be a disadvantage?

David Arquette: We did three Scream's together. The first one, I was chasing her and then we started dating. And then the second one, we were still on and off, but she was pretty upset with me. By the third one we were married. So it was -- a wild ride. It's so much fun acting opposite someone you really care about and love.

In Case of Emergency airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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