Many believed David Arquette was done with wrestling after an insane deathmatch this past November left him bloodied and beaten. Now, the actor-turned-wrestler has signed up for his next gig in the ring, and it sounds like it has the potential to be insanely watchable.

Arquette appeared at a news conference on Friday night to hype up his next big match, which will put him up against the burly veteran pro wrestler known as Jocephus. They will be putting it all on the line in what is being called a 'hair match'. They pair will be battling under the National Wrestling Alliance banner. The stakes are that who ever loses this intense bout will have to shave their head clean.

That sounds a little better than succumbing to death from fixture beatings. Believe it or not, former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is the NWA President. And he was on hand during the press conference, doing his best to keep Arquette and Jocephus apart during their face-off at the Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center last night in Clarksville, Tennessee.

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Jocephus made a big show of it all, entering the complex with a VHS copy of Arquette's wrestling comedy Ready To Rumble in his hand. The wrestler mocked David, and continuously claimed that the Arquette brother had no business even being in the ring.

Unbeknownst to some, David Arquette has a storied history with Pro Wrestling. Not only did he star in the 2000 cult classic Ready to Rumble, but, believe it or not, he was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion that same year, in a controversial move that had many in the pro wrestling league complaining.

It appeared that David may have quit his wrestling career, claiming 'Death Matches aren't my thing' after being beat to an inch of his life by Ex-con Nick Gage in a match that saw light tubes exploding against the Scream star's face, lodging glass in his head and sending blood streaming down his face. Many in attendance couldn't believe what they were seeing as Gage continued to come at Arquette in brutal fashion, later trying to scalp the actor with a pizza cutter.

Arquette appears to have healed ok from the experience, and having already fallen off that bike, it looks like he's ready to try it all over again. Though, Jocephus appears to be tempting some unpredictable moves once the two are free to go at each other in warrior fashion.

The Arquette Vs. Jocephus Hair Match is happening later tonight. It doesn't look like Arquette is facing the same death defying shocker as last time, but fans are being kept on the edge of their seat, awaiting the outcome. At 47 years old, apparently Arquette is just getting started in the ring, and though it seemed like he was down for the count, he's really going for it. Let's hope if he loses, those hair clippers have at least been sharpened. This report originated over at TMZ.

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