Angel Movie: When interviewed by TV Guide, David Boreanaz confirmed that there won't be an Angel movie. He is willing to go another round, but not on TV.

"It would have to be a theatrical release," Boreanaz said. "I'm not into the movie-of-the-week [idea]."

WB executives have expressed interest in doing TV films that continue on where the cancelled series left off.

"I know they wanted to do, like, six films. It's not that I'm against it; it just needs to be a bigger challenge," Boreanaz added. "When you do something for five seasons, you want to continue to challenge yourself... go to another level with it rather than just doing the same thing you've been doing."

Although currently, working on the comedy Mr. Fix It, Boreanaz is also signed up for another high profile film that is not Superman, but he teased, " It's better...'Four' would be the magic number - that's all I'm going to say." Possibly this could mean Jurassic Park 4, Fantastic Four, or Indiana Jones 4?