Kill Bill: Vol. 2: David Carradine recently talked to the Los Angeles Daily News about the variations between the first volume of Kill Bill, and the second....

"The content, even the style, are very different. It's not the juggernaut of fighting that the first one was, although there's a lot of hot action in it. Everyone talks a lot -- what people are used to with Quentin.'

The story line in Tarantino's paean to chop-socky film fare, you may recall, has Uma Thurman's Bride character seeking revenge on her paid-assassin associates for a hit ordered by the boss, her lover, Bill.

"The heart of the movie is the stuff between me and Uma -- wonderful stuff. I just saw the finished picture, and it's beyond my expectations,' adds Carradine of the feature opening April 16. "The second one is, I think, a better picture than the first.'