Kill Bill: In a recent interview over at the BBC, the star of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming flick, Kill Bill, talked about the project at length:

The 66-year-old met Tarantino at the Toronto Film Festival in 1996, and they immediately sparked, with the director insisting the movie they made together had "to be a home run". Six years later, Tarantino was taking items of clothing and artwork from the star's house because "he just wanted the character [he was creating] to be as much like me as possible."

"We wrote a little bit of it, I say just a little bit because Quentin is the author," he continues. "We'd smoke a cigar in the evening and talk and talk and talk and a week later there's a rewrite and it has that conversation in it. I talk endlessly. Basically I'm doing the Samuel L Jackson part in this movie. I'm just talking my head off, in between killing people."