Amadeus Pictures is set to begin production on the theatrical feature Fuego an international spy thriller starring David Carradine (Kung Fu) and Nickolai Stoilov (Lara's Rain), the announcement was made today by Amadeus Pictures President and Founder Damian Chapa. The film, which will also star Chapa in the lead role (Blood In Blood Out, El Padrino), will begin production in Europe this July.

"I'm delighted to have David Carradine on board as a lead character in this action packed spy caper reminiscent of the James Bond series," said Chapa. "I'm excited to introduce the character of Fuego to global film audiences in this first of what I hope will develop into a series of international action thrillers."

Fuego is the story of Adam Fuego (Chapa), a Latin "James Bond" like character - a good-looking, strong, intelligent man, with an edge of violence just below his ice cool exterior. We meet him doing hard time in a Mexican prison. He hasn't seen the sun in fourteen months... or his wife and young daughter. A highly decorated soldier in the AFI (Mexican Special Forces), Fuego was court-marshaled for high treason for reasons highly classified. The story begins with Fuego sentenced to die when Eugenio Lobo (played by Carradine) steps in, making an offer to save Fuego if he agrees to infiltrate the ETA (a paramilitary Basque nationalist organization) and save the president's son in what can be described as a suicide mission. The story spans Mexico to Spain and culminates in an explosive finale full of fight action, gun shootouts and deadly situations.

Fuego is scheduled for US theatrical release in January 2008.