David Cronenberg Will Direct The Fly RebootIn a story from the {0}, David Cronenberg will be re-directing a new version of his 1986 film, {1}.

The Canadian director will be developing the film he made for Fox. He might even write this new version.

Apparently, Cronenberg wanted nothing to do with a Fly remake. He did however work on an opera version of the film "that was staged first in Paris and then in Los Angeles."

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In David Cronenberg's remake of the 1958 classic, Jeff Goldblum played Seth Brundle, a young scientist on the verge of creating "TelePods," a machine that teleports a person from one TelePod to another. He is also falling in love with Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), a reporter helping him with, what they think is, the "story of the year." But the only problem is, the TelePods won't transport matter, and when they do, what happens isn't a pretty sight. After Seth irons all the bugs out of the Pods, he uses the first human test subject: himself.

But a common housefly entered the Pod with him, and the machine spliced their DNA together. As Seth's strength starts to increase along with his anger, the fly genes inside of him start to awaken and Seth begins an evolution from human to a horrific man/insect creature he calls "BrundleFly." He can still find a cure, but what lengths will he go to cure himself before he turns into BrundleFly completely?

The Fly II came out three years later.

It is believed that new CGI and effects have evolved so much that that this had a big hand in Cronenberg's decision to come back to the franchise.