Mr. Show masterminds Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are reteaming for another HBO produced show tentatively titled David's Situation. MTV Movie Blogs recently caught up with Cross on location in Louisiana for his latest project, the Judd Apatow produced Year One. About this new show, he stated that it would be a traditional sitcom with a sketch show-like feel to it.

Cross explained, "Bob and I are going to shoot something for HBO, a pilot, which was something we wrote. It's based on Bob's idea, but we both co-wrote it and I'll act in it. It's a sitcom. It will follow a traditional sitcom feeling, but will also feel like a big sketch, even though the characters will remain the same each week. Hopefully, we'll shoot it this April. The working title is David's Situation, but that could change."

The comedian continued, saying, "Because it's HBO, we are going to write and shoot our own commercials that will probably have nothing to do with the show, and have two commercial breaks and have an epilogue and all that stuff. And if it comes naturally to swear, or have something a little more than you wouldn't have on network TV, we'll definitely do that."

Asked to extrapolate on the plot, David offered, "I'm playing me. I've left Hollywood. I've had it with Hollywood. I now write for in-flight magazines, and I've moved to a gated community in an unknown suburb; you don't know where it is or what part of the country. I have two roommates - one is extreme right wing, a cranky conservative pro-America guy. The other is this left wing, hippie, liberal-activist guy. And I'm right in the middle. They are both ridiculous, and crazy stuff happens, but in the reality of this world it's not that crazy. We would only do ten or twelve episodes for a season... personally, I would be happy to do six. I don't want to spend that much time in L.A."

A start date on the pilot has not been set at this time.