Director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus) has replaced Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) as director of The Flash. MTV News spoke with Dobkin about the upcoming film, and he revealed some interesting tidbits, both about The Flash and about Justice League of America.

Dobkin's film will be a direct spin-off of Justice League of America, of which The Flash is supposed to be a major part. This means that Dobkin is waiting for the announcement as to who is playing The Flash in George Miller's film with the same anticipation as the fans.

Dobkin also answered a question that fans have been wondering about for Justice League of America; which version of the Flash will be featured in the film? When asked, Dobkin answered "Wally West." Barry Allen was the Silver Age Flash, and the one portrayed in the CBS produced The Flash television series, while Wally West was the version of the flash shown in the Justice League animated series. Wally West was Barry Allen's sidekick, Kid Flash, until Barry's death.

Despite the fact that Dobkin has been known for his comedic work, Dobkin says that The Flash will not treat the character as a joke. Dobkin revealed that his tagline for The Flash was "You can't outrun yourself."