Following a scathing expose accusing David Dobrik's Vlog Squad of misconduct, the popular Youtube star will no longer be an owner of the Angel City Football Club. The president of the women's soccer league sent out an internal letter confirming this over the weekend. The league is targeting a 2022 launch, with quite a few Hollywood backers. David Dobrik is currently embroiled in mounting controversy over the behavior of center members in his vlog squad, with the internet star also facing serval accusations about some of his questionable vlogging tactics.

Angel City Football Club President Julie Uhrman made the announcement about David Dobrik's departure from the U.S. women's soccer team, which is slated to play its first game sometime next year. Sports journalist Meg Lineman turned around and shared the news on Twitter for all to see. Julie Uhrman had this to say about dropping Dobrik in the internal letter.

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"I want to address the current events with one of our owners and the steps we took to ensure we live up to Who We Are. Angel City was built to lead by example, to set higher expectations, and to do the right thing, even when the right thing is hard. To that end, David Dobrik is no longer an owner of Angel City."

Requests for further comment have not been answered at this time. Uhrman also said this in her internal statement to the rest of the owners.

"Over the last couple of weeks, our values were challenged. I want to thank all of you for coming together to provide your expertise, guidance, and support as we reviewed the situation and determined the right path forward for Angel City," Uhrman continued. "It can be difficult, especially with social media and other outside voices, to take the necessary time needed to make an informed decision; one that is right for both the short and long term."

Angel City Football Club has more than 60 members, with at least 48 of them being women. Some of the names connected to the soccer team include sports luminaries Serena Williams, Tennis legend Billie Jean King, Los Angeles Sparks superstar Candace Parker, and Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn. Among the actresses involved with the organization are Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, and America Ferrera. The soccer team is said to have the 'largest women ownership group in US sports history' according to the L.A. Times. Angel City will play its first game in 2022 as part of the National Women's Soccer League.

David Dobrik has a string of allegations against himself and his Vlog Squad, which mounted with the publication of an Insider investigation this past week. One of the Squad members named Dominykas Zeglaitis, who goes by the alias Durte Dom, has been accuse of rape, with a video to back up the claim. Investigative journalist Kat Tenbarge went deep into these allegations, which claims the Vlog Squad provided a young woman with alcohol, leading to her being unable to give consent during a threesome that was posted as one of Dobrik's Youtube videos.

This investigation followed another controversy involving former Vlog squad member Seth Francois, who claims he was tricked into kissing Volg Squader Jason Nash in a video posted back in 2017. Dobrik is notorious for ignoring any allegations against him and his team. However, he did post a three-minute Youtube video that some assumed was meant to be an apology. But the Youtube star did not directly reference any of the content of the Insider investigation. Though he did reiterate that consent was 'super, super important' for him and his Vlog Squad.

David Dobrik had won a Nickelodeon's "Kid's Choice Awards" just this past March admits some of this brewing backlash. Since the Insider article, many businesses have parted ways with the Vlog star, and some are seriously considering how to carry on with their relationships. Insider claims that DoorDash, EA Sports, and Dollar Shave Club have all dropped Dobrik. Longtime sponsor SeatGeek is also considering dropping the Vlog Squad leader, as Dobrik has dropped over 66 million views heading into the weekend. This news was originally reported by Vulture with additional reporting from Insider.