When viewing the new shows on cable TV this year you might recognize a common thread. Sex and nudity are rampant this year. If they're not showing it then they're talking about it. Sex is the main theme of many of the new shows, and Californication is no exception.

David Duchovny stars in this new Showtime series premiering August 13 at 10:30 PM. He stars as Hank Moody, a novelist who is trying to recapture his muse while at the same time dealing with his 13-year-old daughter and her mother, whom he still cares for. While they were never married, she is now looking for a relationship with a man who will commit to marriage. She tells him he has a lot of talent but is "just flushing it down the toilet." She has faith he can return to be the productive writer he once was, but he is not so sure.

In the first episode Hank refers to himself as a one-hit wonder, but still thinks he will be able to write another book, if only he could get himself out of the slump in which he currently wallows. He is obsessed with sex, drugs, and booze, and this behavior lands him in some very compromising situations. Whether he's involved with a married woman or an under aged girl, this man loves sex, at almost any price. And he loves to drink. But will these demons be what ultimately releases him from this dark state or will they drag him down even further? Perhaps they will end up being the subject of his next work. We'll have to wait to see what happens during the season.

Duchovny is perhaps best known for playing Agent Fox Mulder on the hit series The X Files. (He's expecting a new X Files movie will be announced in the near future.) David Duchovny is the man we love to love, however in this role he is the man we love to hate. Duchovny fans will undoubtedly hope his new character resolves his issues and get back on the right path. However, this being the season of sex and nudity, that looks unlikely. "It's a show about an adult trying to function in an adult world. He had certain vices, certain abuses that he is following. Therefore, you see him smoking. You see him drinking. You see him drugging. You see him having sex," explains the actor. "These are important things for the guy's state of mind and for the show. It's not done in a gratuitous fashion. It's part of the character." These are traits that seem to be part of so many characters this season.