During a conference call with Battlestar Galactica Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, Eick discussed some upcoming plans for his newly announced show, The Bionic Woman.

David, can you talk about your next project The Bionic Woman?

David Eick: Well, I'm trying to make use of this cast as much as I can because I just have found, in the last year, we sort of stumbled upon the greatest collection of actors I've ever been a part of. Katee Sackhoff is someone who was in the pilot for Bionic Woman and once Battlestar ends, and even when we go on our hiatus, she's free and we may be able to use her in an episode or two of Bionic Woman. Tricia Helfer was in another pilot I did for Fox called Them, which may be flirting with a midseason order. Sort of the same thing there if she was available...

Also the directors from Battlestar, once the opportunity developed to use one of them. Its been a great growth and evolution creatively, for everybody, to come out the end of this show and feel like, "Wow, we've got directors and actors and writers and all sorts of very talented and creative people, that we'll always stay in touch with and always work with because once you find those people you don't let them go."

The Bionic Woman will air this fall on Wednesday nights at 9pm on NBC.

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