A few months ago, Walt Disney Pictures announced that it would no longer be producing McG's proposed adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Now, The Hollywood Report has revealed that Disney is in negotiations with David Fincher to direct the project.

The film apparently came together after Fincher approached new Disney production head Sean Bailey about wanting to helm a tent-pole picture that wasn't as dark as his previous efforts, which include Fight Club and Zodiac. The film has been secretly brewing as Bailey settled into his new position with Disney.

Based on Jules Verne's classic epic, which became a film in 1954 starring Kirk Douglas, this new version will follow a group of men led by Captain Nemo, who battle a scientific genius and his giant submarine. Where McG's film was set up to follow the origins of Captain Nemo, Fincher's take on the material will be surprisingly less dark and more in lines with Star Wars. The film is said to be visually stunning, and production will start before the end of this year.