In a story from Deadline Hollywood, David Goyer (Blade: Trinity) has left ABC's FlashForward with 5 episodes left to shoot.

Goyer also co-wrote Batman Begins, the story for The Dark Knight and is currently working on the third Batman film with Jonah Nolan. While he didn't site that film by name, he did hint that "feature projects" were the reason he was leaving FlashForward:

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"As my feature projects have started ramping up again, I felt I was being pulled in too many directions," Goyer said in a statement. "I'm proud of the show and excited about the relaunch. It's in great hands."

Goyer will still be involved with the show as the 23-episode order is completed.

However, there is no word yet on who is going to take over the show. It started strong when it came out in the fall, then its return was delayed until March 18 so it could be reworked.