We all knew it would happen... We've seen it a thousand times before. A concept does well, and all of the sudden it seems like every project coming down the pipe has incorporated that concept. Well, it's happening again. This time it's been set off by Blade II (which is an AWESOME movie!)

Blade 3: Wesley Snipes was recently on one of those morning shows, and he was asked about the possibility of a Blade 3. His response? "It's on. It's on." Smells like a confirmation to me! He went on to speak about how it was on just from the reaction the film was gaining before it was even released. Any hints of a possible storyline? Of course.. Apparently, David Goyer (the writer for both Blade and Blade II) likes the idea of setting the story 25 years into the future, after the vampires have taken over. Sounds good to me!

Darksiders:Variety reports that David Goyer (see above) has signed a deal with New Line to direct this project about a group of vampires who are government agents.

I Am Legend: This project, which is derived from the amazing Richard Matheson novel, was once on the fast track to disasterville with Arnie attached to star, has now switched gears. Apparently Arnie has decided to back out of the staring role, and just produce the movie. Now it's almost a lock that Will Smith will sign on to star, and they're looking at Michael Bay to direct. Bay certainly wouldn't be in my top 15 choices to direct this film. It needs to be moody, subtle, dark, and did I mention SUBTLE... but he's expressed and interest in doing just this type of film. What type of film is that, you say... Well, it's about a plague that has swept the country, causing everyone to tunr into vampires (with a great scientific explaination for vampirism)... everyone but one man. Trust me, done right, this film will ROCK. If you've ever seen The Omega Man with Chuck Heston, well, forget it. It's based on Matheson's novel, too, but it was horrible. A more faithful adaption was the 1964 film, The Last Man On Earth staring Vincent Price.

Either way, watch your necks, y'all. The vampires are coming, and they're coming in force!

Kerouac out!