Little has been known about a sequel/reboot of the 2007 comic book adaptation Ghost Rider and the new screenwriter spilled some new details. MTV Splash Page recently spoke with Ghost Rider 2 screenwriter David Goyer

"It's not exactly a reboot," said Goyer. "I hate to say it's more realistic, because he's got a flaming skull for a head, but it's a bit more stripped down and darker. It's definitely changing tone. What Casino Royale was to the Bond movies, hopefully this will be to Ghost Rider."

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Goyer also spoke to the timeline of the new film as well.

"This story picks up eight years after the first film," said Goyer. "You don't have to have seen the first film. It doesn't contradict anything that happened in the first film, but we're pretending that our audience hasn't seen the first film. It's as if you took that same character where things ended in the first film and then picked it up eight years later-he's just in a much darker, existential place."

The film was said to start shooting sometime next year. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article on the upcoming film.