During a chat for his new film, The Invisible, David Goyer mentioned a few tid-bits about his upcoming projects - and a former project.

Goyer, of course, is the man behind the Blade series, as well as co-writing Batman Begins. So, we had to find out what was going on with the sequel, The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, his response was, "Not going to say anything about that out of respect for Chris (Nolan). Chris just wanted to keep everything under lock and key and we all really respect Chris as a filmmaker; he doesn't want anything said to the fans, so we won't say anything."

David is also going on to produce the comic book adaptation of Super Max; he's hired 22-year-old Justin Marks to write it. "I'd read a spec screenplay of his," he comments. "I thought it was great and he just started writing a week ago." And it'll definitely be dark; "Oh yeah, he goes to prison."

We all know David is now off The Flash; Shawn Levy is taking over directing duties on that one; he didn't have much to say about that, only he doesn't know the new direction they're taking. However, he will be writing the remake of David Cronenberg's Scanners. "It allows us to work with Mr. Chapman," he joked.

As far as future projects for the writer/director/producer, "I can't say, but we're culling from the whole DC universe so anybody could show up; that'll be part of the fun."

David's latest film, The Invisible hits theaters April 27th, rated PG-13; it stars Justin Chatwin, Marcia Gay Harden, and newcomer Margarita Levieva.