David won't be Hasseled by the his last name anymore! In a Youtube message on his newly rechristened personal page, the international superstar has announced that he has officially changed his name. Now, he will simply be known as David Hoff!

For many, David Hasselhoff has long been known only as "The Hoff'. And now, he is legally allowed to be called that in every venue, on his social security checks, and it will surly be stamped on his tombstone. In the video, which we have included below, David Hoff shows off his certificate of authenticity. His is now a name recognized by the state! In the video, he simply states the following.

"I've been wanting to drop the hassle from my life for years. Now, I have made it official. David. Hoff."

Some are calling it the end of an era. Others are calling it the beginning of something special. David Hoff is calling it something that simply needed to get done. And it certainly won't be bad for business. It's been a proven fact that 'The Hoff' moniker has pulled in a substantially bigger amount of money that Hasselhoff. The actor has traded on his nickname for years, and last year he appeared in the mockumentary Hoff the Record.

There's also the chance that David Hoff is merely having a laugh at our expense. A name change doesn't usually come with such a giant certificate of authenticity. But perhaps he's a special case? However this plays out, it's pretty clever. And as of just minutes ago, his official IMDB page was updated with the new name.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! will be the last movie where he is credited as David Hasselhoff. David Hoff, on the other hand, has two movies currently in the works, the independent dramedy American Paradise, where he plays a coach. And Power Play, a thriller said to be in the same vein as Joy Ride. Yes, a new era of Hoff is dawning. Are you ready to join the revolution?