David Hasselhoff, star of the original Knight Rider may be set to make a guest appearance on NBC's revised Knight Rider. Gary Scott Thompson, executive producer for the show, spoke to SCI FI Wire about Hasselhoff's appearance, and even hinted that Michael Knight may appear with a special guest car.

"He may make an appearance later this season," Thompson said. "He is talking to NBC next week, and we are working out everyone's schedule ... I don't want to put him in just for the sake of having him drop by; I want there to be a good reason for him being there and have it be part of the story. I talked to David about a way of doing that, and so far he likes it. It's a cool idea."

Thompson's dream scenario has Hassellhoff's Michael Knight teaming up with Justin Bruening's Mike Tracer, both accompanied by their faithful K.I.T.T.s; Michael with the original Pontiac Trans Am, and Tacer with the Ford Mustang GT500KR.

This counters statements made earlier this summer when Hasselhoff was quoted saying that he didn't think the series would work without him or his input. However, Thompson says that is no longer the case. "Those were old quotes," Thompson said. "He doesn't feel that way anymore. ... I just talked with David the other day over breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel and explained to him in great detail what we had planned for the show, and he said he liked it and gave his approval."

Thompson (Las Vegas) added that he has a dream scenario: Teaming Hasselhoff's Michael Knight with Justin Bruening's Mike Tracer, with both K.I.T.T.s: The original Pontiac Trans Am, originally voiced by William Daniels, and the Ford Mustang GT500KR, voiced by Val Kilmer. "I don't know if it will happen," Thompson said. "It's all about timing."

Knight Rider stars Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Bruce Davison, Yancey Arias, Paul Campbell, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Smith Cho. The show will air Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on NBC, with the first episode premiering September 24, 2008.