David Hayter, co-writer of the Watchmen screenplay, has joined forces with producer Benedict Carver to form Dark Hero Studios. According to Variety, the company will create and distribute a number of different films, television series, Internet content, and video games.

At this time, Hayter is preparing his directorial debut with Slaughter's Road, a werewolf thriller that Carver will produce. After that, the duo will focus on Dark Hero's first property entitled Demonology, which Hayter will also write and direct. Carver stated, "Many people would love to have the studio-based producer gig, but if you want to build asset value through a library, you have to be more entrepreneurial and avoid giving away a lot of rights upfront. David will create, write and direct movies and TV series for the company, but he'll also be a magnet for other writers and directors to work with us. "

Slaughter's Road beings shooting this summer. Demonology will head into production once that film wraps.